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Gigsville Demo Profile
Northwest England
Indie / Indie Rock
This is the area of text you need to write from the point of view that a venue can copy and paste it and use it on their website / social media.

Keep it short and snappy and describe:
What you do (Indie rock? Kate Bush covers? Acoustic?)
Where you are from
Any notable achievements (Recent releases, tours, radio plays etc are all good)
Why your event will be great

So an example would be:

"Gigsville is an up and coming indie rock band from hailing from Madchester capital of the world - Manchester.
Fresh from their success on tour with The Stone Roses they are now releasing their third EP and to celebrate are touring the UK.
Expect lots of indie anthems, huge chorus's and Gigsville's world famous dancers and DJs."

And that'd do!
People tend to read in short chunks online so keeping it brief and to the point is a great idea.
Your links will also be grabbed by the venue / media as well, so be sure to fill those in!

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