The Void

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The Void
Northwest England
Indie / Indie Rock
hree lads from Failsworth form The Void. Luke, Tom and Oliver met at the same school, but did not form the band, till a few years later.
Luke and Tom had science together and Tom knew that Luke played the guitar so asked him to teach him to play the guitar. Luke had also just moved house and one day walking home with Oliver , Oliver told Luke all about his brother being in a band, so Luke came up with the idea of forming a band although Oliver had only hit a drum once and Tom couldn’t play a guitar, they just thought it would be a good mess around. So Luke taught Tom to play Bass guitar and Oliver began to teach himself the drums. In April 2016 they walked into Dusk Till Dawn Recording Studio. This is now their bands home, they come and rehearse and get up to mischief in general all which is very good humoured. The void have now written many of their own songs which stand up against most music today. They have become accomplished musicians. Which comes through in their own sound? They went on to win Best band and Best song with Band on the Wall in Manchester 2016.This all coming from three lads from Failsworth who just over two years ago couldn’t play the Bass and Drums.

They won Best song and best Band at Band on the Wall 2017 in Manchester.
some of our Recent Gigs.
Night and Day Cafe.
Tara Leisure.
Barton Airfield.


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