When you join Gigsville you get your own bio page with a unique web address chosen by you - so you can send venues, labels, radio stations etc a simple link to your page. Gigsville bio pages are designed especially to show you off to venues and media outlets, they contain only the info these people want, and we'll help you every step of the way! We've designed our system to be friendly to the people you want to get in touch with...


Join up FREE today and get:

  • Bio page designed to be shared - A one stop place

  • Your own unique web address so you can share ONE LINK when approaching venues / the media

  • Gigsville will send you gig / media opportunities and you'll receive them in your inbox

  • Images, video and MP3 upload

  • Links to your Youtube and social media pages

  • Connect with other users and send each other messages

  • Live Chat - Gigsville are online to help you - and if we are away you can create a ticket for support

  • Your own inbox and mailing system

  • We will send the Bio page to venues / radio stations / labels and more as we meet them

 or read on below for more info

From the point of view of a venue creating listings, or a record label looking for info we can tell you it's a real pain finding what they need sometimes.
Imagery that is too small on one website, then searching Youtube and maybe finding you, then off to Bandcamp in the hopes that they can find a free tune to download, it goes on and on.

That's where your Gigsville bio comes in!
It's designed to be a three step creation process for you and a simple place to find all your info in one place for the viewer.

Venues, Labels, the Media can contact your directly through your Bio Page

Your own media gallery to upload photos, MP3s, videos and more, all in one place to share

Your One Stop place to promote yourself, no more sending out multiple links to multiple sites

Connect with other artists and venues and get or send group messages

Your own mail box to send and receive messages - notifications sent directly to you!

At Gigsville we look after venues, we know what drives them crazy, and we're here to solve it all. Join up today for free by CLICKING HERE - Check out our Demo Profile by CLICKING HERE - Thanks, and have fun!

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Looks amazing, will join up!
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