Manchester band The Cornelius Crane release a new tune - and it's causing a bit of a stir.


27th Oct saw the release of new single 'Isobella' by Manchester band The Cornelius Crane.

Comments have been coming in such as "Bawling my eyes out" and "Heartbreakingly beautiful song" - and for good reason.

The Cornelius Crane
Image by Rich Sayles Photography

Get it FREE

You can grab a copy of the single free if you CLICK HERE - And we suggest you do just that. The Cornelius Crane are having a huge resurgence at the moment, they've been on the scene for a long time and until recently have been hidden away recording and honing their live performances. Expect to see these guys at festivals soon, word is they are going to be a lot more visible in the near future,

The Cornelius Crane
The Cornelius Crane live - Image by Rich Sayles Photography

Want more?

You can see The Cornelius Crane in our Artists Bio Page by CLICKING HERE - on there you'll find MP3s, Vids and more. You can also check out the vid:

Our Conclusion

This is one of the lushest, most beautiful songs we've heard in a long time - period. The fact it comes from a bunch of Mancunian upstarts is frankly staggering. Grab a copy, turn it up and enjoy.

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