Dead Captain are an upwardly mobile duo from the grimy streets of Manchester - Gigsville thinks they may well be one to watch.

They Call It Trickle Down...

On the 17 July, Tameside duo Dead Captain released their debut EP on Stereokill Records. The EPs four tracks, ‘This Old Village’, ‘Looming Moon’, ‘Who Knows’ and ‘Toddler Democracy’, draw influence from classic Americana and 90’s college rock, and take a paranoid peak at Post-Brexit Britain and Trump’s America.

Dead Captain has been brought to life by Dan Adams, a Manchester multi-instrumentalist and music-man-for-hire. Ably assisting him is writer and illustrator, Dunstan Carter.

Dead Captain
Dan Adams (Left) & Dunstan Carter (Right) are the minds behind Dead Captain

In Their Own Words

"The Dead Captain project came about after the duo found a shoe box outside a pub in Ashton-Under-Lyne filled with scribbled notes, drawings and grainy recordings on old VHS tapes. The duo started asking friends and family about what they thought of the find and who the stuff might belong to. Some suggested it was the work of a weird recluse who wanted to remain unknown but leave some kind of odd legacy. Other friends reckon it might be the work of a man known locally as Old Scotty. A middle aged soak who frequents some of the pubs in town and tells wild tales of a youth spent fighting in some of the world's most notorious war zones. If it is him, the chances of getting anything out of him are supposedly nigh on impossible as half of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is indecipherable these days, and the other half is either angry gibberish or morose monologues about the death of the North.

The one note that does make total sense came taped to the underside of the shoe box, it simply reads, "do something with this". So that's what Dead Captain are doing - letting people have a ramble inside the mind of a Northern enigma and breathing some fresh life into the madness."

Dead Captain
Dead Captain's unique art style is created by lyricist and frontman Dunstan

In Our Words

If you struggle to understand what Dead Captain's message is, then that's OK. There is no understanding to be had. As listeners we are simply invited along for the ride, to let it wash over us. Dan Adam's considerable musical prowess steers the ship and Dunstan Carter's wry, observational and topical lyrics with will either run it into an iceberg or hit the shores of a paradise island - depending on your personal and political views.

Want more?

You can see Dead Captain in our Artists Bio Page by CLICKING HERE - on there you'll find MP3s, Vids and more. Their recent release Toddler Democracy is a must listen, check out the vid:

Our Conclusion

Dead Captain are a refreshing change of pace. They seem to not want to pander to trends or create music that is too easy on the senses, yet maintain a relaxed and engrossing vibe. Long may the Captain continue doing what he does - whatever it may be.

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