TC Electronics bring us a pedal that could just be the best tuner we've ever used. For years I've used various tuners, clip ons, pedals, those weird ones that are neither (Remember those? The little boxes that you always lost?) - well I think I've finally found the tuner for me!

So What Is It?

The Ploytune 2 Mini is a pedal format tuner that sits nicely on your pedal board. The tiny size is ideal - who wants precious space taken up by a tuner? - and the sturdy construction is reassuring. It featrures Polyphonic, chromatic and ultra-precise strobe tuning modes and not surprisingly needs a power adapter, it's just too small to cram a battery in.

What's To Like?

Lots! The Polytune Mini 2 has a superb, bright display that auto adjusts depending on ambient light. On stage this is great as even on sunny (yes we are UK based, yes we have sun now and then) days the display is easy to read. in dim lighting it's flawless and extremely easy to read.

The party piece of the tuner is for sure its ability to quickly show you all your strings with one open strum of your guitar with LEDs for each string letting you know if they are sharp, flat or in tune. This is invaluable for quickly checking your tuning between songs.

The One Strum LED Indicators

Once you've identified a problem string this way you can then pick that string on its own and the Polytune will automatically switch displays top give you a more accurate view of that string to tune it up. The tuner magnet feature slows down the needle once you get close to the desired pitch, making it much easier to get the job done quickly.

The Polytune 2 Mini in Single String Mode

It's a fantastic system and one I use multiple times per gig. It feels very natural and it's capable of +/- 0.1 cent of tuning accuracy - impressive.

Other Goodies

True bypass with silent tuning - Drop-D and Capo Tuning - Up to 5 Semitones Flat Tunings
TC Electronic have of course released a promo vid for the Polytune Mini 2 - and we can say this is one of those times where the marketing is true, check it out:

Our Conclusion

We'd recommend the Polytune 2 Mini in a heartbeat. It's tough, good looking, tiny and extremely accurate. The only thing we could possibly mark it down on is the inability to use batteries, and while it's understandable why it is still an omission that will disappoint some people.

9 / 10

A game changer of a tuner and highly recommended

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